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Twelfth Night

If Twelfth Night is obscure don't bother with Timon of Athens.

That was the point. I think I have only seen one Shakespeare work performed, and then by a bunch of 16 year olds.

Oh well..

I figured you would sink yr teeth into this one. Not too many surprises. I agree that Confederacy Of Dunces would be difficult to film. It's what goes on inside his head that makes that book work.

I'm still hoping to try some David Foster Wallace one of these days. Meanwhile, any Roth you care to recommend? I've never read him, but I think about it sometimes.

I haven't delved a lot into the great chauvinistic egotistical but well-respected writers of our time (Updike, Mailer, and Roth).

I can't claim to be an expert on Roth, but I have read two of his books and would recommend both.

The Plot Against America is an alt-histor, which is quite readable.

Portnoy's Complaint is worth a read. By now, you have probably read enough books like it, that it won't shock you nor move you too terribly, but it is funny and certainly is readable and has its moments.

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