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Movie Review: Cars 3
Cars was a franchise that was certainly going to be a license to print money. Kids love cars, and Disney even could throw together something like Planes and the masses would go.

The good thing about the animated film is that the characters don't get old. The first Cars film came out in 2006, and although it gets a new audience continuously, those who first watched it on the big screen are close to being able to drive themselves.

Meanwhile, real life disappoints. The most exciting athlete of my lifetime, Tiger Woods is not only struggling as an athlete, he's having enough time trying to hold his life together. Ryan Howard was a MVP baseball player and when the game changed with the infield shift, he could no longer perform. Stars like Derek Jeter, Brett Favre, and Peyton Manning have retired recently, as they were aware of their diminishing abilities.

Which means Cars 3 is a bit "too real". Now, Lightning McQueen is the old guard, and he is being usurped by the new breed. Which of course, is weird. If the new cars are more aerodynamic and faster through science, maybe indeed, it is time to move on.

Real life doesn't quite work like that either. Certainly, NASCAR is based on tradition. The most popular driver is the son of a legend, while some of the best racers of the present day don't often get as much respect, simply because they are not named Petty, Waltrip or Earnhardt.

There of course is no bigger sports movie trope than Rocky, and this movie owes a debt to that. Armie Hammer's Jackson Storm is Apollo Creed. The plot is rich in Rocky 3, science and "performance" versus going back to the basics.

One watches Cars 3 and thinks that maybe there is space for stock cars on the big screen, yet as this plot isn't much different than "Days of Thunder", maybe there isn't a lot left to be said.

Cars 3 is certainly a fine movie for what it . The kids will love it because cars, but it generally doesn't go overlong. Cars is generally not held in the same regard as some similar films (as say, Toy Story). This won't change that, but you know that going in, and it's a sequel to boot. It's certainly fine by those standards though. Just sad to see Lightning McQueen hitting his twilight.


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