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Comics round-up
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It is Free Comic Book Day.  I am not planning on hitting any comic book stores today, but I will throw it out there for all of you.  Too busy or don't like leaving the house?  There are free downloadable comics, too.

Here are the latest new titles I have picked up.

Garrison (DC/Wildstorm) written by Jeff Mariotte - I was just writing about Mariotte and his Fade to Black book.  I kind of think that Garrison will slide past unnoticed.  I have read a couple of articles on it from the usual sources (like CBR), but that is about it.  I don't know the cover will see any additional copies either.  I even would say that I am not sure what it's going to be like- though it seems to be a mix of CSI, Jonah Hex, and either Mission impossible or the Bourne movies- and even after reading the first issue, i am not sure where it's headed.

The title character describes the last person who isn't on the grid, and "the last person without a Facebook page", which is funny.  Tough guy character and an unraveling mystery.  I am going to trust Mariotte on this one.  This may be a nice surprise for someone looking for something different.

The Magdalena
(Image/ Top Cow) written by Ron Marz - Marz specializes in stories with super female lead characters straight off the posters of a fanboy's wall (face of Heidi Klum, body of a WWE diva, and the debating skills of Hillary Clinton).  Then again, most of the comic racks are filled with what appears to be roided up Jersey Shore extras, so as long as the story is good, I don't care (and Marz's stories are pretty much always good).  This one's definitely got a  DaVinci Code/Holy Blood and Holy Grail vibe to it.

That may not appeal to everyone (probably depending on what you find blasphemous) , but it does have a good "you are obligated to serve this purpose, your feelings don't matter" story crossed with some Hellboy-style Angel v demon fights.

Pretty standard stuff, I suppose, but Marz elevates it over similar titles.  I will stick with this to see what happens.

Wolfskin (Avatar) story by Warren Ellis, script by Mike Wolfer - I generally pick up all of Ellis's stuff, but have skipped over Wolfskin, his Conan/Kull style fantasy character.

So, maybe I should have.  This issue is pretty good.  You can tell that Ellis has put a lot of thought into this world, and although I generally am not a big fan of Avatar Press's art, Gianluca Pagliarani's artwork seems to fit well here.  The story does read like a Dungeons and Dragons tale and the dialogue a bit simplistic at time, but as a whole it opens up what promises to be an interesting tale.

I may have to go back and visit the other Wolfskin stories.

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You can download my Free Comic Book Day comic at

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